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For repairs to home remodeling projects, choose JAG Contractor Group when searching for home contractors near me. 


Whether you need a quick repair, or a total bathroom remodel, JAG Contractor Group is the nation’s leading home contractor near me service provider. From kitchen remodeling, water heater installation, windows, roofing, and even decks – our contractors have decades of experience. 

That’s why, when you search for “home contractors near me,” JAG Contractor Group comes up time and time again. 

JAG is your all-in-one contractor group, covering every trade you will ever need. We offer affordable repairs, installations, and new replacements for virtually any component your home uses.
Hire us to upgrade your kitchen, repair a leak, or transform your home with renovations.

Whatever your property needs the most, we offer it all at affordable pricing every day.


Have you ever had a project for your home that needed a different trade, and therefore a difference business for every trade? It’s hard to keep all that straight- and oftentimes can cause issues with deadlines, costs, consistency in work, and much more. That’s why we have vetted the best home contractors near me for every  trade.  Whatever you have planned for your house, we offer it all at affordable pricing, including:

When you don’t know which trade service to call, we dispatch them all. Take on any maintenance items you have on your to do list now with our affordable home contractors near me service providers. 



Few things make a renovation cost more than needing to hire several trades. Different contractors for electrical, plumbing, and painting quickly drains your building budget. Hiring us means having access to all of the repairs you need the most. Choose from our selection of contractors and cover every property upgrade at lower costs. Whether flipping a home for profit, or to live in full-time, we can help. Contact us now to keep your remodeling job running smoother with services, such as:

list of services

Electrical repairs aren’t something you want to learn by making mistakes. Not only is your home at risk, but so is your body. Even smaller wattages and amps can lead to a lot of harm and emergency room visits. Keep your electrical service needs safe and affordable, and hire us today.
With so many properties built close together, a quality privacy fence makes all the difference. You can count on us for your pools, property lines, backyard gardens, and everywhere else. Whether your H.O.A. has strict requirements or you need options, call us. We offer a wide range of quality, affordable fencing service providers.

Flooring comes in many different forms, and we know installers that do them all. You can count on us for hardwood, carpet, tile, and also epoxy systems or junk removal.
We offer affordable solutions when upgrading your garage, kitchen, living room, and other areas. Why spend more at a dedicated flooring store when you have our contractors?

Few things are as vital to area homeowners as a fully-functioning air conditioner. Without it, the high humidity and summer temperatures quickly take their toll. Improved heating and cooling not only keeps homes comfortable but it also prevents maintenance concerns. Keep your home at its peak level of comfort all year long.

Homeowners love to remodel their property to make it feel like it’s truly theirs. However, these projects only run smoothly with the right group of contractors.
JAG Contractor Group offers affordable improvements for your kitchens, bathrooms, and everywhere else. Hire us now for indoor renovations and exterior remodeling for any type of property. We’ll even do the cleanup and provide junk removal services.

It’s shocking, but many home builders “near me” don’t leave much room for yard improvements. However, given how many sunny days we see, it’s essential to have outdoor entertainment areas. A new wood patio or concrete deck offers plenty of possibilities for any homeowner’s preferences. See barbecue grills, summer get-togethers, and holiday gatherings on your new deck.

While you can find many general contractors “near me,” not all will offer concrete repairs. Unfortunately, poured cement is one of the most used building materials in the community.
You can contact us to address any new concrete projects or to maintain driveways. Wherever you have deep cracks and splitting cement, you can rely us to be your concrete contractor near me.

Even the most basic of floor plans will still have tons of plumbing components to maintain. Showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, appliances, and water heaters all need service eventually. Whether you need replacement plumbing or repair services, hire us for them all. We always have an expert nearby that’s ready to solve all of your home’s maintenance needs.
Out of all of the trade services to hire, windows and doors seem to be the trickiest. Not only do you need quality building products, but experienced installation contractors. From typical bedroom doors to elaborate entrances, we can solve any request. Find a new door that adds value to your home with our affordable service team.

Few systems work as hard throughout your property like your roof does. Plus, to add more challenges to it; severe weather and scorching temperatures.
Even the best roof can’t last forever, and they often require minor repair items right away. If you want to prevent moisture leaks and wood rot, call us for roofing services.

While not every house will have rain gutters, they certainly should. That becomes especially true during the muggier months of the year.
All that rain has to run somewhere, and gutters can manage it efficiently from every storm. Prevent structural concerns and roof rot with affordable gutter repairs and installations from a premier leaf gutter company.

Many homes in the our communities rely on stucco systems for exterior walls. However, you can find other properties that utilize other siding products as well.
Each one has its unique lifespan and maintenance requirements, making the choice challenging. Thankfully, no matter what type of exterior surface you have, we work with them all, including being a premier vinyl siding contractor.


You picture how relaxing it would feel to have a hot tub on your patio. However, to avoid having to hire a contractor, you decide to piece it out to a couple handymen.

Unfortunately, most handyman technicians excel at repairs, but not new installations. While you could hire a pool company, many spas don’t require a specialty service.
Instead, choosing a general contractor, like us, means not needing multiple laborers. We offer services for electrical, construction, concrete and remodeling for a well-rounded range of solutions.

Hiring us means completing your project quickly and at one low price. Take your home improvement budget further and hire from our network of local experts.


The best time to hire JAG home contractors near me is whenever you find yourself Googling services for your home. Need a window repair? We’ve got you covered. How about a new roof? We do those too! Or perhaps you simply need an appliance installed- no matter the need, JAG Contractor Group has the professionals ready to take your call.

There’s a reason we’re the areas best  contractor – we provide quality work in all our trades at affordable pricing. Fill out the form to get connected with a friendly specialist who is ready to help. 


Our local home contractors near me know are part of the community. They know a storm rolled through last night and that there’s severe hail damage. Our local contractors shop at the same grocery store as you, their kids go to the same schools, and they do life right where you are. They understand you work hard for your home, and that you want nothing but the best for any repairs or remodeling- and at rates that don’t break the bank. There’s something about knowing the plumber that comes into your home for repairs, and knowing that if they wear the name “JAG,” they’re going to get the job done right. 


We might be local, but we’re also up to date on the latest remodel trends, home technology, and trending home upgrades. From making your home “smart” to updating old appliances, we have you covered.

Wherever you live in the community, we have affordable home improvement specialists ready.

You can call on us for any repair needs or remodeling services.

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